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The Rocket Portuguese Premium package includes:

 Interactive Audio Course helps you learn Portuguese through a series of modern, real-life situations. Listen to your lessons online, or download them to your laptop, MP3 player or SmartPhone to take them with you wherever you go! Each audio lesson includes transcripts of the conversation so you can follow along gaining visual and audio understand learning Portuguese.

 Rocket Record enables you to perfect your pronunciation skills. Record yourself and compare your accent and rhythm with a native Portuguese speaker! Using voice mapping technology you can record yourself over and over to where your speech matches a native in Brazil!

 Language & Culture Lessons help you learn what to say, how to say it, and when! The lessons include grammar and vocabulary.

 Survival Kit. Contains Rocket Portuguese Vocab Sessions with interactive audio focusing on essential Portuguese words and phrases and their pronunciation.

Use this online, download it to your computer, or transfer them to your iPod/MP3 player, so you can use them anywhere, anytime. You'll get hours of top-quality Rocket Portuguese interactive audio!

 Quizzes and Self-Tests. Test your skill-level to see your improvement! See at a glace the lessons you've passed and which still need some development on.

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Where is Portuguese Spoken?


Brazilian Portuguese History

Brazilian Portuguese is a group of Portuguese dialects written and spoken by most of the 190 million inhabitants of Brazil and by a few million Brazilian emigrants, mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Japan and Paraguay. Some authors compare the differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese to those found between British and American English, while others see the differences between Brazilian and the Portuguese language as greater or much greater. The differences in the spoken language are much more pronounced than the differences in the formal written language.

Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas and the largest lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) country in the world. Brazil was a colony of Portugal from the landing of Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500 until 1815, when it was elevated to United Kingdom with Portugal and Algarves. The colonial bond was in fact broken in 1808, when the capital of the Portuguese Kingdom was transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, after Napoleon invaded Portugal. The independence from Portugal was achieved in 1822. Initially independent as the Empire of Brazil, the country has been a republic since 1889, although the bicameral legislature, now called Congress, dates back to 1824, when the first constitution was ratified. Its current Constitution defines Brazil as a Federal Republic. The Federation is formed by the union of the Federal District, the 26 States, and the 5,564 Municipalities...LEARN MORE

Hear and See Brazilian Culture

Lifestyles Culture in Brazil:
 Mata Papai - Harmonia do samba - Axé Bahia
 Gata Brasilera - Axe Bahia
 Brazilian Samba starter kit: Yonisha demonstrates the different instruments used in Samba.
 'Magalenha' as performed by Jeunes Agape
 From the movie Dance with Me - Magalenha
 Samba Dance (Ballroom)
 World Latin Showdance Samba
 Billabong Rio Pro 2012 ROUND 1 2 3 4 5 6 FINAL Sally Fitzgibbons Coco Ho—surfing spectacular!
 What is Capoeira?
 Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts
 Basic Capoeira Moves PLAYLIST (12 videos)
 Capoeira Facts : History of Capoeira
 The best capoeira video ever
 Capoeira Music - Roda da Paz
 Capoeira (Paranaue) - Only The Strong - Film Soundtrack
 Only the Strong (Full Movie in English) (1993) [1:36]
 Freedom Fighting - A Capoeira Film (part 1 of 2)
 YouTube - Capoeira Channel
 Brazil Soul Power: History of funk and soul music in Brazil
 Bossa Nova Brazilian Music Culture
 Roberto Carlos e Caetano Veloso - Garota de Ipanema
 History of Bossa Nova
 Bossa Nova Classics [1:04]
 Copacabana Deep by Paulo Arruda | Deep & Soulful House Music
 I Won't Give Up (tradução) - Jason Mraz—English audio with Portuguese lyrics
 Brazil: History and Culture
 Modern World History Project - Independence of Brazil
 Brazil, Sao Paulo City
 Megacities - São Paulo (Part 1 of 6) [starts dull but becomes very interesting]
 Brazil For Travelers
 Brazil - National Geographic Traveler
 Brasil / Brazil - World's Beautiful Country
 Brazil, a lifestyle - Tourism Video
 Rio de Janeiro City _ Brazil
 Discover Rio de Janeiro (English)
 Descubra o Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese)
 Official FIFA 2014 World Cup Theme Song
 Bellini - Samba De Janeiro (Live 40°)
 Get in shape with a Samba Reggae workout!
 Rio 2016
 Rio de Janeiro - Olympic games 2016 (facilities and city tour) - Master plan
 Brasil a super potencia da america latina (Brazil the super power of latin america) {0:12]
 o arsenal que o Brasil negociou com a França
 Brazil military /força militar do Brasil
 Brasil uma potencia emergente * Brazil emerging power
 Brazil National Anthem with Portuguese lyrics & English translation
Sergio Mendes
 Sergio/Brasil '66 - One Note Samba
 Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - Mas que nada (introduced by Eartha Kitt)
 Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 : Ye-Me-Le
 Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88
 Berimbau 2006
 Magalenha 2011
 Umbria Jazz 2011: Sergio Mendes "Aguas de março"
 Sergio Mendes on Facebook
 Sergio Mendes YouTube
 Sergio Mendes iTunes
 Sergio Mendes Amazon Music
 Sergio Mendes Official Web Site
Jorge Ben

Portuguese Immersion Fun

 A História do Brasil por Bóris Fausto [3:16]
 Esporte Sangrento (Only the Strong - 1993) [1:35]
 Mestre Bimba - A Capoeira Illuminada [1:18]
 Cordão De Ouro (Capoeira Movie) (1977) [1:11]
 Filme Jose o Rei dos Sonhos [Completo] (2000) [1:08]
 Profeta Daniel (completo) [0:53]
 Filme ABRAÃO O PROFETA (1993) [3:02] Dublado e Completo
 Jose Dublado Parte 1/13
 The Jesus Film (Portuguese-Brazil Version) (1979) [2:01]
 Fernandinho - Yeshua Full Video) [0:05]
 O Presente (2006) [1:52] Filme Dublado
 The Guns of Navarone (1961) [2:37] (Portuguese subtitles)
 Agentes 000 - Filme Completo Dublado (2004) [1:25] Comédia
 denis o pimentinha completo (1993) [1:36]
 Estrada Para Redenção (2001) [1:29]
 ZORRO (1958 TV Series) (Dublado) Capitulo - 01 - Apresentando o Senhor Zorro PLAYLIST (76 videos)
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