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Ancient Egyptian Carvings

Rocket Arabic Online

Learn Arabic online with Rocket Arabic. You will learn to listen to, speak, and understand modern Egyptian Arabic and become confident in your ability to communicate in an Arabic-speaking community. Rocket Languages' unique methods allow you to absorb and learn Arabic quickly and easily! Try out Rocket Arabic FREE for 6-Days!

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The Rocket Arabic Premium package includes:

red bullet 33-Lesson Interactive Audio Course. Each audio lesson averages 25-minutes in length. The Course covers everyday topics that you will encounter in a modern, Arabic-speaking environment. Listen to these audio lessons on your computer, your MP3 player, your stereo, in your car, on the train, while exercising or anywhere you want!

As Egypt is the most popular destination for people learning Arabic as a foreign language, Rocket Arabic uses native Egyptian speakers. Even though there are distinct variations in the way Arabic is spoken from region to region, their voices represent a very standard Arabic accent.

red bullet Rocket Record lets you record yourself and compare your speech with the way a native Arabic speaker does. Using voice mapping technology you can record yourself over and over to where your speech matches native Arabic to get your pronunciation awesomely perfect!

red bullet Language and Culture Lessons. Learn to speak Arabic naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works. These lessons contain hundreds of embedded audio clips, extra vocabulary and step-by-step explanations for reading and writing in Arabic.

To help you follow the lesson and get comfortable with written Arabic, you will get the written conversation in Arabic script, English Arabic, and its English translation with every track of the Interactive Audio Course!

red bullet Arabic Writing Lessons with embedded videos that teach to you write the native script.

red bullet Interactive Quizzes and Self-Tests. Rocket Arabic has numerous self-tests along your learning path.

 Survival Kit. Contains Rocket Arabic Vocab Sessions with interactive audio focusing on essential Arabic words and phrases and their pronunciation.

Use this online, download it to your computer, or transfer them to your iPod/MP3 player, so you can use them anywhere, anytime.

red bullet 24/7 Language Coach. Access a team of Arabic teachers, native speakers and fellow enthusiasts who will answer your every question about Arabic language learning.

red bullet  24/7 LIFETIME membership and FREE access to all upgrades and enhancements. Learn at your own pace, with the convenience of your choice of locations. Anywhere online access makes this course very portable!

red bullet 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Take up to 60-days to try out Rocket Arabic Premium. If you're not satisfied, you will be refunded the purchase price—guaranteed!

Rocket Arabic FREE Trial Offer: Try it free for 6-days!

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Where is Arabic Spoken?


Arabic Language History

Spoken Arabic varieties have more speakers than any other group in the Semitic language family. They are spoken by more than 340 million people as a first language according to the Arab League, most of whom live in the Middle East and North Africa...LEARN MORE

See and Hear Arabic Culture

Belly Dancing:
 Arabic Belly Dance: Orit Maftsir
 Morocco Belly Dance: Mercedes Nieto

The Arabian Horse:
 Arabian Horse Tribute - Videos and Pictures
 The Loyalty of Arabian Horses (Desert Kings)
 The Original Arab (Yemen) Horses
 Bedouin Story: Training and living with Arabian Horses
 Arabian Flute Music

Contemporary Arabic Music:
 Shereen - Batamenak
 Najwa Karam at Carthage 2008- singing Saharni
 Tamer Hosny - Afalt Alby
 Tamer Hosny PLAYLIST (48 videos);
 Elissa - Taa
 Ramy Sabry - Fi Eih
 Fares Karam - El Gherbi
 Fares Karam - Ritanee
 Joseph Attieh - Lina Rab
 Abd El Aziz Kassar - Ayeshny
 Mohamed Kelany - Alby Ala Eidy
 Issaf - Sebny Amout Feik
 Cheb Kader Japonais 2012
 ARABIC MUSIC MIX (104 videos)
 ARABIC TRANCE Take Me Away - DJ Morfou
 Dance Music Clubbing 2011 -ParT.2/6 [Arabic ™ Oriental]
 Wonderful Chill Out Music (Arabic vs. India Balance Mix) by Tekiu
 Beautiful arabian chillout - Lost In The Desert (mixed by SpringLady)
 spanish arabic fusion music - oud vs guitar
 Andalusian-Arabic Music from Spain "Lamma Bada Yatathanna" by Juan Martin
 Música andalusí - Li Habibi
 Música Andalusí PLAYLIST MIX (20 videos)
 Arabo-andalusian 13th c. : Nuba Ushshak - mîzân qá'im wa-nisf
 Al-Andalus History of Islam in Spain [1:42]
 Arabic Chill Out - A Fortnight in Morocco
 Hamid Bouchnak BAMBARA

The Emirate of Dubai:
 Mega Dubai: the amazing development of this World Class Resort City (74 videos)
 Dubai's beauty and luxury
 Dubai's Palm Island - Megastructures - National Geographic [0:49}
 Discovery Channel - Impossible City - Dubai Part 2 of 6 PLAYLIST
 Dubai's 6th Crossing Bridge - World's biggest arc bridge
 The World - Dubai
Amr Diab Cheb Khaled Mohamed Hamaki Mohamed Lamine Nancy Ajram Khaled Selim Ehab Tawfik Hisham Abbas Carole Samaha Amr Mostafa WAMA transparent image

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