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Learn Sign Language for Babies

Sign Language for Babies and Beyond

Sign Language for Babies and Beyond

Promote Early Communication and Language Development in your Child using ASL for Babies

When our son was 18 months old he had trouble saying words. We started teaching him signs and he was thrilled to be able to finally communicate with us! He communicated quite well in signs for an entire year before the floodgates opened with a rush of completely articulate words, sentences, and phrases! He is now in the first grade and reads two years above his grade level and is in the top of his class in math. I can’t put a price on how valuable these techniques have been with our family!!
When my niece was about 10 months old she would get very frustrated and yell and cry a lot. I taught her how to sign 3 signs "please" "more” and "eat". She stopped yelling and throwing tantrums in a matter of 20 minutes!

Kelly Bunting – Santa Clara, UT
I am so glad I found this online!! I am so excited - signing is something that I have always wanted to learn...I find it so fascinating! I have 2 and 4 yr old (boys) that are really showing interest in learning as well. My four year old watched some of these videos with me after I downloaded them and he is already showing everyone what he has learned!!! Now my four year old is asking to watch the videos and practice every night!! I love this! I thank you for your help and this wonderful opportunity! God bless!

Jennifer Kotzbauer Erlanger, Ky

Benefits of teaching your child American Sign Language:

  • Learning simple words in sign language easily enables earlier communication with your child. Some children learn to sign as early as 7 or 8 months—long before a typical baby learns to talk!
  • Babies that communicate through sign often are much happier babies and toddlers. The ease of communication from child to parent can reduce the drama of unknown needs!
  • Babies that can sign have less frustration and fewer tantrums overall, because they can usually communicate their needs better.
  • Studies show that babies who learned sign as infants gain a higher IQ overall than babies who didn’t learn sign.
  • Learning sign language at an early age helps develop the brain in the critical early years of language development.
  • Signing with your child provides a unique bonding experience between you and your child.
  • Signing opens the doors to wonderful friendships with those who use ASL as their primary language.
  • Signing helps promote self-esteem in children.

Never underestimate the influence you have as a parent to positively impact your child's life! Get immediate and convenient access to Signing for Babies and Beyond along with some extra bonuses for buying today.

Sign Language for Babies and Beyond
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Where is ASL Spoken?


American Sign Language History

American Sign Language, or ASL, for a time also called Ameslan, is the dominant sign language of Deaf Americans, including deaf communities in the United States, in the English-speaking parts of Canada, and in some regions of Mexico. Although the United Kingdom and the United States share English as a common language, British Sign Language (BSL) is quite unlike ASL, and the two languages are not mutually intelligible. ASL is instead related to French Sign Language...LEARN MORE

Hear and See Deaf Culture

Nonverbal Communication in Cultures:
 IRS in American Sign Language (ASL)
 Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA - ASL Song
 Tik Tok by Kesha in ASL
 Owl City - Fireflies - ASL Song
 "Love Story" in ASL
 Thriller!!! in ASL
 just the way you are - bruno mars (in ASL)
 ASL song Lion King
 ASL Songs by Stephen Torrence PLAYLIST (14 videos)
 Deaf man's ASL Storytelling "Mountain Dew Man"
 Storytelling: Deaf Man uses ASL in "Robber and Geek"
 Deaf Man without Arms
 Chinese blind and deaf artists perform in Beijing
 Deaf dancers find fame in China
 My Dream - Chinese Deaf perfom in Paris—absolutely awesome!
 The spirit of peacock: A dance performed by Tai Li Hua, a famous Chinese deaf dancer
 Miss Deaf World 2008
 Miss Deaf International
 Intro to Miss Deaf International 2011 in Orlando FL, USA
 Muslims in a Deaf World
 DEAF WORLD: Hard of hearing rapper
 Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" in American Sign Language [Sean Berdy]
 America's first Deaf Rapper (aka) Chosen Pt.1
 ASL Version Music Video - Single Ladies
 Sean Forbes "I'm Deaf"
 Star-Spangled Banner in American Sign Language
 ASL Star Spangled Banner
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