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Where is Korean Spoken?


Korean Language History

Korean is the official language of Korea, both South and North. It is also one of the two official languages in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in People's Republic of China. There are about 78 million Korean speakers worldwide. In the 15th century, a national writing system was commissioned by Sejong the Great, the system being currently called Hangul...LEARN MORE

See and Hear Korean Culture

Korean Art & Culture:
 Korean culture (English) "The Beauty of Korean Style" [0:29]
 You're Beautiful (Korean drama) theme song compilation
 Top 10 Korean songs
 Shining Inheritance - You Are Mine
 dae jang geum - A 2003 Epic South Korean TV Series
 Korea's Got Talent - Choi Sung-Bong
 love song korean
 "Arirang" (Symphony Orchestra Music) - Korean Folk Music
 Ancient Korean Traditional Music - Hwang Byeonggi
 Korean Traditional Music----Sandal Wood 침향무 沉香舞 (HD)
 Korean Traditional Instrumental Music
 Korean Traditional Music-- Daegeum Sanjo, Chang-Hyun Won
 Korean Traditional Court Music Su Jea Chon1
 Korean Traditional Music Kayagum Sanzo
 Korean Traditional Music Kyong Pung Nyon
 Korean Traditional Drum Dance
 Traditional Korean Drum Dance (April 2009)
 Korean Drum: Janggo
 Yoonjakyung's Two-Swords Dance, Korean Martial Art
 Korean Fan Dance
 Korean Alphabet Hangeul (한글) Documentary [0:23]
 Hanok 한옥- Korean Traditional Houses (Eng sub) [0:25]
 [Discovery] Culinary Asia - Korea [0:45]
 Traditional Korean Food "한식 Hansik" - Documentary [0:27]
 Bizarre Foods - Korea 1 of 5
 Bizarre Foods - Korea 2 of 5
 Bizarre Foods - Korea 3 of 5
 Bizarre Foods - Korea 4 of 5
 Bizarre Foods - Korea 5 of 5
 Welcome to Korea : Fantasy Korea
 Seoul, Korea
 The 5 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Korea

Korean History: The Difficult Past - The Brilliant Present
 Korean history - Gojoseon, the first state of Korea PLAYLIST (50 videos)
 Korean history - Gojoseon, the first state of Korea 2333 - 108 B.C.
 Korean history - Silla Kingdom 57 B.C. - 935 A.D.
 Korean History, Buyeo, the Great Forefather of Koguryeo and Baekje 2 B.C. - 494 A.D.
 Korean history - Baekje Kingdom 18 B.C. - 660 A.D.
 Korean history - Gaya Kingdom 100-1 B.C. - 562 A.D.
 Korean history - Goguryeo, the powerful kingdom in ancient Northeast Asia 37 B.C. - 668 A.D.
 Real Korean Root: Goguyeo [0:08]
 King Sejong the Great 1397 A.D. - 1450 A.D. [0:07]
 Sejong the Great—historical documentation
 Korean History Goguryeo Gwanggaeto-Taewang, Go Dam-Duk 1/8 [0:10]
 Korean History Gwanggaeto-taewang, Go Dam-Duk 3/8 [0:14]
 Korean History Gwanggaeto-taewang, Go Dam-Duk 5/8 [0:14]
 Korean History Gwanggaeto-taewang, Go Dam-Duk 6/8 [0:08]
 Korean History Gwanggaeto-taewang, Go Dam-Duk 7/8 [0:10]
 The Last Dynasty of Korea
 History of Korea since 1910
 Do you know the country Korea?—A contemporary history of Korea.
 South Korea : A Nation to Watch Part.1
 South Korea : A Nation to Watch Part.2
 Korea Excels in Shipbuilding
 World Records by Hyundai Heavy Industries
 Technology Korea - a powerful battleship of the 16th century
 Korea Today - Korea, The World's Best—IT is driving force in the world, and Korea is one of its powerhouses. [0:10]
 Korea: Focused on Excellence - 1/5 [0:10] —featuring the country's top athletes.
 Korea: Focused on Excellence - 2/5 [0:08]
 Korea: Focused on Excellence - 3/5 [0:06]
 Korea: Focused on Excellence - 4/5 [0:07]
 Korea: Focused on Excellence - 5/5 [0:12]
 Welcome to North Korea Documentary Film [0:53]
 DPRK National Anthem
 National Anthem of South Korea : Aegukga
 South Korean National Anthem - Full Version (Original Symphony Orchestral Music)
Girls' Generation Wonder Girls

Korean Language Immersion Fun

Films in Korean:
 A Millionaire's First Love 2006 (FULL MOVIE) [1:52]

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