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This is an interactive course, teaching practical comprehension, listening and speaking skills. Rapidly "rocket" to achieving your goals knowing exactly what to say in any situation! Rocket Russian is one of the easiest online resources for Russian language learning. Try out Rocket Russian FREE for 6-days, to see if it's right for you!

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Remember our Russian cultural information in the right-hand column. Use this to keep your language learning inspirational, exciting and informative with interesting maps, history, videos, music and dance. Visit the contemporary and historical Russian culture as quick as a click!


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The Rocket Russian package includes:

 32-Lesson Interactive Audio Course. Each audio lesson is 25-minutes, including transcripts of the conversation in both Russian and English so you can follow along gaining visual and audio understand while learning to speak Spanish. These lessons enable you to become part of the Spanish speaking community in numerous situations.

 Rocket Record lets you record yourself and compare your speech to a native Russian speaker! Using voice mapping technology you can record yourself over and over to where your speech matches a native Russian speaker!—Get your pronunciation awesomely perfect!

 40 Language & Culture Lessons move you from beginner into advanced Russian speaking using conversation in realistic everyday contexts. These lessons contain hours of comprehension with step-by-step resources making it easy to learn at any level. With each language lesson there is a culture lesson as well; providing you insights on travel, markets, food, sports, entertainment and much more!

 32 Russian Writing Lessons embedded with videos teaching you how to write the native Russian script—just like any Russian would!

 Survival Kit. Made up of Rocket Russian Vocab Sessions with interactive audio that focus on essential Russian words and phrases and their pronunciation.

Use thses online, download them to your computer, transfer them to your iPod/MP3 player or SmartPhone. Use them anywhere, anytime. You'll get extra hours of top-quality Rocket Russian interactive audio.

 24/7 Language Coach. Email your Russian teacher, or access a team of Russian teachers who will answer your every question about Russian language learning.

 Lifetime Membership to a virtual, interactive online storehouse where you can access all your course materials 24/7.

 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Take up to 60-days to try out Rocket Russian Premium. If you're not satisfied, you will be refunded the purchase price—guaranteed!

See below for a list of more features!

Rocket Russian Free Trial Offer: Try it free for 6-days!

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Where is Russian Spoken?


Russian Language History

Russian is a Slavic language used primarily in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, and the largest native language in Europe...LEARN MORE

See and Hear Russian Culture

Russian Culture Customs:
 Our World : Russian Bohemia [0:54]
 Polovtsian Dances
 Borodin: Prince Igor Polovtsian dances (Kochanovsky) [0:10]
 Prince Igor Borodin Movie [1:48]
 Soviet Army - dance of the soldiers
 Russian Dance Kalinka
 Kalinka Song and Kalinka translation
 Russian Folk Music PLAYLIST (7 videos)
  Russian Folk Song The Little Bell.
 Katyusha - with English Subtitles
 Vladimir Miller - The Twelve Brigands
 Russia Travel Guide
 Siberian Winter
 Siberian(Amur) Tiger - The Undisputed King of Taiga
 The Best Cities of Russia
 St Petersburg, Russia Tour [1:44]
 Fantastic Winter St-Petersburg 2010
 Moscow never sleeps 2010
 ♥♥ The beauty of the Moscow Metro ♥♥
 Beautiful Moscow
 Stalingrad-Volgograd. They do remember.
 The Motherland Calls: Russia's Symbol of Victory (RT documentary) [0:22]
 Mother Russia Statue "The Tip of History"
 Changing of the Guard at Stalingrad
 [HQ] Beauty of Russian Nature (1 of 3)—Awesome Video!!
 Beautiful Russia [HD]
 Magnificent Russia
 Old Russia
 Timeless Russia
 The great Russian soul
 The FUN Russian Soul: Цекало и Puttin` отожгли на Воробьевых горах
 Russia: A Brief History
 Ivan the Terrible Biography
 Ivan the Terrible [0:22]
 Tsars 01- Origins of the "Rus" [0:09]
 Tsars 02- The Era of the Tatars [0:12]
 Tsars 03- Ivan Vasilyevich Grozny [0:13]
 Tsars 04- Ivan Vasilyevich Grozny [0:08]
 Tsars 05- Dynasty of the Romanovs [0:14]
 Tsars 06- Peter Alexeyevich Romanov [0:14]
 Tsars 07- Peter the Great [0:05]
 Peter the Great - Part 1 1/20 PLAYLIST Story of Peter the great, although historically not very accurate, an interesting movie.
 Catherine the Great Part 1/5
 Catherine the Great Part 2/5
 Catherine the Great Part 3/5
 Catherine the Great Part 4/5
 Catherine the Great Part 5/5
 The Winter Palace- Last Tsar's Private Rooms
 The Romanovs in Colour
 Romanovs Rare Color Photos
 Imperial Jewels - Kremlin Exhibit
 What Really Happened to Anastasia Romanov??
 Anastasia Nicholeavna Romanov - her true story ]0:09]
 Our World : In Search of a Lost Princess [1:14] —DNA test results concluded that it was not Anastasia who escaped the revolutionaries' bullets but her sister Maria!
 Mystery of The Romanovs, Part 1 [0:09]
 Mystery of The Romanovs, Part 2 [0{09]
 Mystery of The Romanovs, Part 3 [0:09]
 Mystery of The Romanovs, Part 4 [0:08]
 Mystery of The Romanovs, Part 5 [0:08]
 The Russian Imperial Family—Modern day members of the Imperial Romanov dynasty.
 End of the Romanovs [0:31]
 Russian Railways in 2010
 Russian National Anthem with video tribute to Russia
 Russia National Anthem with Russian & English lyrics
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