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¡The Español Episodes!

Study Spanish with a Latin American Adventure

Created by Rocket Languages, ¡The Español Episodes! is a fantastic adventure story of Maria and Miguel, who return to their roots and discover the treasures and beauty of Latin America. Each episode is like a chapter in a novel, combining an exciting storyline with Spanish language learning opportunity.

In ¡The Español Episodes! you can read the story, listen to the complete audio, and practice your pronounciation skills with Rocket Record. It's a mixture of language and culture learning with entertainment—and is accessible online, so you can use this fun educational tool whenever and whereever you want!

Each month you get instant online access to a new episode. This is a 12-month subscription billed at only $19 per month for 12 months.

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¡The Español Episodes!

12 Episodes, one each month. Assists learning beginner-level Latin American Spanish along with cutlural tips, giving you the opportunity to practice conversational Spanish. Your 12-month subscription costs only $19 each month. You will be re-billed each month.

 Rocket Record lets you record yourself and compare your speech to a native Spanish speaker! Using voice mapping technology you can record yourself over and over to where your speech matches native Latin American Spanish!

 Alternative to boring textbooks and traditional lessons

 With each episode you can:

  read the Spanish transcripts as the characters speak to one another. This helps you learn how the words look, how they're spelled and what they mean.

  listen as Maria and Miguel speak to the locals in Spanish. You quickly learn how to use conversational Spanish..

  practice your Spanish by reading and revisiting the conversations and use Rocket Record for voice comparison to advance your pronounciation skills.

 Read, Listen, Practice: Education and entertainment all at the same time!

 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not happy with ¡The Español Episodes! simply ask Rocket Languages for a complete refund within 60 days of ordering..

$19.00 each month
¡The Español Episodes!
Online Interactive Adventure with Maria & Miguel,
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The Range of American Spanish


Latin American Spanish History

Spanish language in the Americas, also known as American Spanish, refers to the Spanish (or Castilian) spoken in the Americas, as opposed to European Spanish. Over ninety-six percent of the Hispanosphere have Spanish as a mother tongue. Of the more than 469 million people who speak Spanish as their mother tongue, more than 418 million are in Latin America and the United States. Pronunciation varies from country to country and from region to region, just as English pronunciation varies from one place to another however the various dialects are generally mutually intelligible...LEARN MORE

American Spanish Immersion Fun

Pelicula en Español:
 Viaje al centro de la tierra - Especial History Channel [1:24]
 LA HISTORIA DE JACKIE ROBINSON (The Jackie Robinson Story, 1950, Full Movie, Spanish,Cinetel) [1:16]
 El Refugio Secreto (Completo, en Español) (1975) [2:26]
 Don Bosco, La Pelicula (2004) [3:15]
 LA HISTORIA DE RUTH - Pelicula cristiana completa - (1960) [2:11]
 Salomón y la reina de Saba (1959) [2:15]
 JESUS (1979) [2:07]
 EL APOCALIPSIS DE JUAN [1:32] Pelicula Cristiana completa
 1 Presentando al Zorro (1958) [0:25]
 2 El pasadizo secreto del Zorro (1958) [0:25]
 3 El Zorro cabalga a la misión (1958) [0:25]
 4 El fantasma de la misión (1958) [0:25]
 5 El romance del Zorro (1958) [0:25]
 6 El Zorro salva a un amigo (1958) [0:25]
 7 Monasterio tiende una trampa (1958) [0:25]
 8 El Zorro cabalga hacia el terror (1958) [0:25]
 10 La misión secreta de García (1958) [0:25]
 11 Doble problema para el Zorro (1958) [0:25]
 12 El espadachín con más suerte (1958) [0:25]
 13 El final de Monasterio (1958) [0:24]
 14 Sombra de duda (1958) [0:25]
 16 Esclavos de "El Águila" (1958) [0:25]
 17 Dulce rostro del peligro (1958) [0:25]
 EL PIRATA BARBANEGRA (BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE, 1952, Full movie, Spanish, Cinetel) [1:36]
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